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Haunted House in Las Vegas

MadHoliday was not a “For Profit” Haunted House in Las Vegas like ones you might find at Freightdome, Asylum or some local Las Vegas shopping centers. The Las Vegas area has been a hotbed for haunted houses over recent years.

MadHoliday is a Haunted House in Las Vegas  located about 3 miles east of the Vegas Strip and about 5 miles west of Boulder Hwy off of Flamingo Rd.

MadHoliday began as a Las Vegas Yard Haunt in 2003 with Michelle Sproul working a simple decor for her courtyard in the spirit of Halloween. Her screen door was difficult to see through and kids were getting spooked walking through spider webs and eyeballs in search of candy. The kids were sold on the idea of the place being haunted.

One year later, Mike Madsen and Leah Getlan joined Michelle in the spruce up of the courtyard. The decore quickly overflowed into part of her garage to give a more animated and deliberate spook. Guts, smoke and fear filled the air.

The doors opened with the “Thank You’s” and tears filled the evening. The Pirate themed haunt began scaring, and the legend of this great Las Vegas Pirate Haunt quickly spread throughout the neighborhood of Summerlin. The neighbors couldn’t believe the production of this caliber was shared with the Las Vegas community for free. Michelle, Mike and Leahs laughs turned to tears of joy. The feeling of giving was magical and the promise to do more each year began.

The location of Madholiday moved from being a Haunted House in Las Vegas – Summerlin to the South East side of Las Vegas in 2006. The Pirate theme evolved into the “Days of Old” haunt. The theme change allowed opportunities to change the sets of each room from year to year. The team quickly learned they could not give the same Las Vegas Yard Haunt year after year expecting people to come back without saying, “I saw it last year”.

The site of this Haunted House in Las Vegas featured amazing set design, great special effects, live actors, and crazy animations, all spread out over hundreds of square feet of terror. Why had so much attention been given to this one Las Vegas Haunted House? It’s quite simple actually; the owners took an amusement concept of a Haunted House in Las Vegas (like Freight Dome or the Asylum) and brought it to a local Las Vegas neighborhood haunt. You were the star, the guest of Honor where the Ghost of Dirty Tom Rackham lives and breathes awaiting your every scream!

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Halloween Costume ideas Las Vegas`